With the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence technology, we have witnessed many astonishing applications, one of which is the latest update to Adobe Lightroom. Adobe has announced the introduction of two revolutionary AI features to this widely popular photo editing software: Generative Removal and Lens Blur Presets. These features not only improve editing efficiency but also bring an unprecedented level of freedom to creators.

Generative Removal Feature

Supported by Adobe's artificial intelligence image generator "Firefly," the generative removal feature allows users to select unwanted parts in a photo, which are then automatically removed by Lightroom. The AI analyzes background information, intelligently infers, and fills in the content behind the removed object, making the photo look flawless as if the removed object never existed.

Feature Highlights

  • Automatic Filling: AI intelligently fills in the area behind the removed object.
  • Multi-platform Support: Suitable for mobile, desktop, Lightroom Classic, and web-based Lightroom.

Lens Blur Preset Feature

The lens blur feature can easily achieve background blurring, making the subject more prominent. With this update, users can enjoy a series of presets that automatically adjust parameters to achieve the desired background blur effect.

Advantages of the Feature

  • One-Click Application: Users only need to select a preset, and Lightroom will automatically complete the background blurring.
  • Time-Saving: No need to manually adjust parameters, improving editing efficiency.


These two new AI features of Adobe Lightroom will undoubtedly bring great convenience to photographers and designers. They not only simplify the editing process but also enhance the quality of the work. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, we can foresee that more innovative tools and features will emerge in the future, further promoting the prosperity of the creative industry.

Experience Now

The above two features are now officially online. Update your Lightroom quickly and experience the revolutionary editing experience brought by AI!