In today's rapidly advancing era of artificial intelligence technology, customer support services are also undergoing revolutionary changes. On May 28, 2024, Ducky, an AI customer support platform based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, announced the successful completion of a $2.7 million Pre-Seed funding round. This news undoubtedly injects a strong stimulant into the field of intelligent customer service.

Funding Details

Ducky's Pre-Seed funding round was led by Penny Jar Capital, with participation from Bread & Butter Ventures, NOMO Ventures, Wilson Sonsini, and several angel investors. The funds will be used to further develop Ducky's AI-driven customer support platform, aiming to provide customers with a more efficient and personalized service experience.

Ducky's Path of Innovation

Founded in 2023 by Hongbo Tian and James O'Brien, Ducky's core philosophy is to utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to make internal knowledge resources immediately accessible and available. Ducky's AI support platform learns from internal knowledge tools such as Slack, Notion, and JIRA, helping support agents to find the correct information within seconds, thereby responding to tickets more quickly.

Personalization and Consistency

Another major feature of Ducky is its ability to automatically create customer responses based on the brand's tone. This not only ensures that each interaction provides personalized service but also guarantees the consistency of communication, which is crucial for maintaining brand image.

The Future of Intelligent Customer Service

With the continuous development of AI customer support platforms like Ducky, we have reason to believe that future customer support services will be more intelligent and efficient. The application of AI technology will greatly enhance customer satisfaction and also save businesses a lot of time and resources.


Ducky's successful funding is not only a recognition of its innovative concept but also a microcosm of the future development of the intelligent customer service field. We look forward to Ducky continuing to lead the new trend of intelligent customer service and bringing more outstanding customer service experiences to businesses worldwide.

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Ducky's Successful Funding, the Future of Intelligent Customer Service Has Arrived!