In the wave of artificial intelligence, an AI search engine startup named Perplexity is rising at an astonishing speed. Founded by former OpenAI researcher Aravind Srinivas and Meta research scientist Denis Yarats, the company is reshaping people's perception of AI search at an unprecedented pace.

Funding Details

According to a report by The Information, Perplexity is in the process of raising $250 million in its Series D funding round, and its company valuation has soared to $3 billion (approximately RMB 21.751 billion). This valuation has tripled compared to earlier this year, demonstrating the market's high recognition of Perplexity.

Investor Lineup

The lead investor in this funding round is the American investment firm Bessemer Venture Partners, and existing shareholders such as Databricks, NEA, AIX Ventures, Elad Gil, and Nat Friedman also participated in the investment. This indicates that Perplexity has not only attracted the attention of new investors but also received continued support from existing shareholders.

Product Features

Perplexity's search product differs from OpenAI's ChatGPT in that it focuses on providing concise answers accompanied by source citations. This direct approach to providing answers, rather than just a list of website links, is where Perplexity innovates in the field of AI search.

Revenue Growth

Perplexity's rapid growth is also reflected in its revenue. According to The Information, the company's annual recurring revenue from product subscriptions has already exceeded $20 million, an astonishing growth rate compared to the $3 million in October.

Competition and Challenges

Despite Perplexity's remarkable achievements, it still faces fierce competition. Giants such as Google and OpenAI are also actively developing their own AI search products, which undoubtedly poses a significant challenge to Perplexity.

Future Outlook

Although Perplexity had considered selling itself, no deal was ultimately reached. Now, the arrival of this new investment not only provides Perplexity with more development funds but also shows the venture capital's continued confidence in generative AI startups.


The rise of Perplexity is a microcosm of the AI search field. With the continuous advancement of technology, we have reason to believe that Perplexity will continue to lead the innovation and development of AI search in the future, bringing users a more intelligent and convenient search experience.

This article was originally published on the Titanium Media App, written by Lin Zhijia. For more information on the latest developments of Perplexity, please follow the Titanium Media App.