Apple has always been pushing the boundaries of technology, and iOS, as its core operating system, is highly anticipated with each update. The latest news indicates that the eagerly awaited iOS 18 will bring a series of artificial intelligence (AI) features, which may be released in the form of "beta" or "preview" versions, showcasing Apple's new explorations and attempts in the field of AI.

Beta AI Features

According to the latest leaks from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the AI features of iOS 18 and other operating systems may be marked as "beta" or "preview" versions. This means that these features are still being perfected and may not be stable or mature enough, requiring further testing and optimization.

Multifaceted AI Processing Strategy

It is reported that Apple will adopt a multifaceted strategy to handle AI requests. Some requests will be processed locally on the device, while others will be sent to Apple's cloud infrastructure for processing. The device-side code will evaluate user commands one by one and decide whether to handle them independently or pass them to the backend server.

Device-Side and Cloud Collaboration

Device-side processing capabilities may be limited to the latest Apple devices, such as the most recent one or two generations of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This strategy will enable device-side and cloud collaboration to provide users with faster and smarter services.

Development of Special AI Models

In addition, Apple also plans to develop a special miniaturized artificial intelligence model for the Apple Watch. This indicates that Apple's AI applications on wearable devices are also continuously advancing to meet users' needs for smartwatch functionality.

New Features Based on AI

The upcoming AI-based features will include text message and notification summaries, voice memo transcription, AI photo editing, automatic suggested message replies, and upgraded Safari and Spotlight searches. Siri will also be revamped to provide smarter and more personalized services.

Application of Generative AI

Thanks to generative artificial intelligence, users can even create new emoji variants in real-time. This will bring users a richer and more personalized way of expression.

Integration of Chatbots

iOS 18 will also integrate a chatbot separately, which will be supported by OpenAI's ChatGPT technology. This will be another important cooperation for Apple in the field of AI, indicating that more AI applications may be integrated into iOS in the future.


Although the AI features of Apple iOS 18 are released in the form of beta versions, this undoubtedly shows Apple's ambition and determination in AI technology. With the continuous progress and improvement of technology, we have reason to believe that future iOS will bring more exciting AI features, providing users with a more intelligent and convenient experience. Let's look forward to how iOS 18 will define the next generation of smart operating systems.