Introduction:In the field of artificial intelligence, general artificial intelligence (AGI) has always been the holy grail of the tech world. Recently, a French startup named H (formerly known as Holistic AI) announced that it has successfully raised $220 million in seed funding, a news that undoubtedly brings new vitality and anticipation to the global AI field.

Funding Details

On May 21, 2024, H Company announced the completion of this substantial seed funding round. The list of investors is impressive, including several billionaires, renowned venture capital firms, and strategic supporters. Notable names include Eric Schmidt, Xavier Niel, Yuri Milner, Bernard Arnault (through Aglaé Ventures), and Motier Ventures (the family office of the owners of the Lafayette Group). Additionally, there are venture capital firms such as Accel, Bpifrance's Large Venture fund, Creandum Partners, Eurazeo, FirstMark Capital, and Visionaries Club, as well as corporate investors like Amazon, Samsung, and UiPath.

Use of Funds

H Company plans to use this funding to cover computational and power costs, while also promoting the company's rapid development. This indicates the company's ambitious goals for achieving AGI and its urgent need for resources.

Team Background

H Company is composed of a team of experts with a profound background in the field of artificial intelligence. The team includes Charles Kantor, who was a researcher at Stanford University, and four co-founders who previously worked at DeepMind: Katja Tuyls, Laurent Sifre, Daan Wierstra, and Julien Perolat. These members have extensive experience in game theory and multi-agent research, providing a solid foundation for the company's technological development.

Company Vision

H Company currently has a team of 25 engineers and scientists and plans to act quickly to achieve comprehensive general artificial intelligence (AGI). AGI is seen as the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence, capable of performing any intelligent task that a sentient being can perform.


This round of funding for H Company not only injects strong momentum into the company's own development but also brings new hope to the entire field of artificial intelligence. With the injection of funds and the continuous expansion of the team, we have reason to believe that the era of general artificial intelligence may not be far off.

Future Outlook:As H Company delves deeper into the field of general artificial intelligence with research and exploration, we look forward to seeing more groundbreaking results. This will not only advance technology but also has the potential to change the way humans live, leading us into a new era of intelligence.