In the digital age, data security and privacy protection have become a focal point of concern for businesses and individuals alike. On May 22, 2024, San Francisco-based AI data security startup announced the successful completion of a $3.1 million seed round funding, which was participated by renowned investors such as E14, Mozilla Ventures, ex/ante, and several angel investors.

Purpose of the Funds: Promoting the Popularization of AI-Driven Code Scanners plans to use these funds to promote the general availability of its AI-driven code scanner, which can identify the exposure of sensitive data during the development process while significantly reducing compliance costs. This initiative is expected to bring revolutionary changes to the field of data security.'s Mission: Implementing Data Security and Privacy Controls at the Code Level

Founded in 2023 by Amjad Afanah, is dedicated to providing enterprises with an AI-driven code scanner for implementing data security and privacy controls at the code level.'s cloud platform applies data security and privacy controls as developers write code, this proactive approach helps organizations to prevent potential threats in advance and reduce financial and operational costs after vulnerabilities are found in production.

Technical Advantage: Continuous Detection of Vulnerabilities Ignored by Traditional SAST Scanners's solution can continuously detect vulnerabilities that traditional Static Application Security Testing (SAST) scanners ignore, which may expose sensitive data in logs, files, tokens, Cookies, or through third-party systems. In addition, also provides the functionality of tracking and real-time visualization of the flow of sensitive data, and records processing activities.

Performance: Scanning Over 3 Million Lines of Code in Less Than 3 Minutes

The technical strength of is not to be underestimated, its scanner can scan over 3 million lines of code and complete it in less than 3 minutes, this performance will undoubtedly greatly enhance development efficiency while ensuring data security.


With the completion of's $3.1 million seed round funding, we have reason to believe that this company will play an important role in the field of AI data security and privacy control. In today's increasingly severe data breaches and privacy violations, the emergence of undoubtedly brings a glimmer of hope for protecting our digital world. Let's look forward to how will lead the future of data security.