In today's rapidly advancing artificial intelligence technology, iFLYTEK, as a leading intelligent voice and AI company in China, has once again brought a pleasant surprise to the industry. On May 22, iFLYTEK officially announced that its Spark Lite API will be permanently opened for free, providing low computing power devices with powerful online search capabilities while supporting customized scenarios such as model fine-tuning. This move will undoubtedly promote the popularization and application of AI technology, allowing more devices and users to enjoy the convenience of intelligent search.

Details of iFLYTEK Spark Lite API Free Opening

  • Free Opening: iFLYTEK Spark Lite API is permanently opened for free, and users can use it without paying any fees.
  • Applicable Scenarios: It is especially suitable for online search, low computing power inference, and model fine-tuning scenarios.
  • Price Comparison: The price of iFLYTEK Spark Pro / Max API is 0.21 yuan / 10,000 tokens, with 1 token equivalent to 1.5 Chinese characters. Users can pay 0.21 yuan to call and generate an article equivalent to the content of "To Live".

Seven Major Abilities of iFLYTEK Spark Large Model V3.5

  • Text Generation: Increased by 7.3%
  • Language Understanding: Increased by 7.6%
  • Knowledge Question and Answer: Increased by 4.7%
  • Logical Reasoning: Increased by 9.5%
  • Mathematical Ability: Increased by 9.8%
  • Coding Ability: Increased by 8.0%
  • Multimodal Ability: Increased by 6.6%

Advantages of Spark Large Model in Long Text Processing

  • Fast Absorption and Understanding: It can quickly absorb and understand a large amount of text data from different channels.
  • Precise Answering: For Q&A in various industries and professional fields, it provides more precise answers.
  • Efficiency Improvement: Efficiency has been significantly improved in aspects such as file uploading, knowledge Q&A response speed, and text generation.


This move by iFLYTEK not only provides low computing power devices with powerful AI search capabilities but also opens up new paths for the popularization and application of AI technology. With the free opening of iFLYTEK Spark Lite API, we have reason to believe that more devices and users will be able to enjoy the intelligence and convenience brought by AI in the future. Let us look forward to the widespread application of AI technology in more fields and witness how intelligent technology will change our life and work.

Thanks to netizens I grabbed a table and Old things in the west window for their clues, which allowed us to share this important information in a timely manner. If you have any ideas or questions about iFLYTEK Spark Lite API or AI technology, please feel free to leave a message and discuss in the comments section. Let's explore the infinite possibilities of AI together!