In the tide of artificial intelligence, iFLYTEK, as a leading domestic enterprise in intelligent voice and artificial intelligence, has been continuously exploring and innovating. Recently, iFLYTEK revealed a significant piece of news on the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Easy" platform: iFLYTEK Spark V4.0 is being trained intensively and is expected to meet everyone by the end of June 2024. More excitingly, iFLYTEK also disclosed that it is developing a product that is benchmarked against GPT-4o, which will undoubtedly bring a new breakthrough to the field of AI.

Spark V4.0: iFLYTEK's AI Ambition

iFLYTEK's iFLYTEK Spark V4.0 is not just a product; it represents iFLYTEK's ambition and determination in the field of artificial intelligence. According to iFLYTEK, the company will closely integrate the evolution and breakthroughs of artificial intelligence, continuously applying the results to every product in smart education, and continuously improving product user experience and customer penetration rate. This indicates that iFLYTEK is not satisfied with the current achievements but is constantly pursuing higher goals.

Benchmarking GPT-4o: A Display of Technical Strength

In April of this year, iFLYTEK's chairman Liu Qingfeng revealed that the general long text capabilities of the Spark large model V3.5, including long document information extraction, long document knowledge Q&A, long document summarization, and long document text generation, have overall reached 97% of the latest long text version of GPT-4 Turbo in April this year. In the knowledge Q&A tasks of multiple vertical fields, the overall level of the Spark large model's long text has already exceeded that of GPT-4 Turbo. The achievement of this result is undoubtedly a display of iFLYTEK's technical strength.

Future Outlook: A New Chapter in AI Education

iFLYTEK's AI technology is not limited to a single product but is to be applied to every product in smart education. This means that future education will be more intelligent and personalized, better meeting the learning needs of different students. iFLYTEK's move will undoubtedly open a new chapter in AI education.


The development of iFLYTEK's iFLYTEK Spark V4.0 and the product benchmarked against GPT-4o is not only a challenge to its own technical strength but also a promotion to the entire field of AI. We have reason to believe that with the continuous efforts of companies like iFLYTEK, artificial intelligence will play a greater role in the future, bringing more convenience and progress to human society.

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