Abstract: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently delved into the company's partnership with OpenAI and how AI technology is reshaping Microsoft's corporate culture and product strategy in an interview. Nadella likened this partnership to Microsoft's collaboration with Intel, underscoring AI's central role in Microsoft's future development.

The Significance of the Microsoft-OpenAI Partnership

Satya Nadella mentioned in the interview that the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI is on par with Microsoft's collaboration with Intel. The key to this partnership lies in Microsoft's role as an infrastructure provider and OpenAI as the model builder. Nadella emphasized the importance of an open mindset, considering the partnership as the only path to success.

The Transformation of AI in Microsoft's Culture

Nadella reflected on the evolution of Microsoft, especially the changes since he attended the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in 1991. He pointed out that having a "complete idea" is crucial for any tech company. This philosophy starts with systemic innovation, whether it's in chips, operating systems, or application platforms. Nadella believes that Microsoft's corporate culture is shifting to focus more on the needs of end-users.

AI and Microsoft's Product Strategy

Nadella highlighted the importance of AI in Microsoft's product strategy, particularly in the redesign of operating systems and hardware. He cited the new Copilot + PC as an innovative example under the AI wave and believes that distributed computing will continue to exist. Additionally, Nadella also mentioned the significance of semantic indexing and natural language queries, which are key applications of AI technology.

Opportunities and Challenges of AI Platforms

When discussing AI as a "platform opportunity," Nadella believes that achieving this goal requires a down-to-earth approach while integrating every layer of Microsoft's products into a cohesive architecture. He emphasized the importance of Windows as a driving force for future development and mentioned the key role of privacy and security in the AI field.

Details of Microsoft's Partnership with OpenAI

Nadella discussed in detail the cooperation between Microsoft and OpenAI, including concerns about control and the importance of integration. He mentioned that the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI is based on computational logic, and both parties are deeply committed. Nadella believes that this partnership is key to Microsoft's success in the AI field.

Competition and Cooperation in the AI Field

Nadella also talked about whether there is an "anti-Google alliance" in the AI field, and he believes that both vertical integration and horizontal specialization have their advantages. He used chip innovation as an example, mentioning the different strategies of Nvidia, Google, and AMD, and emphasized the importance of maintaining an open mindset and partnerships.

Microsoft's Future Direction

Finally, Nadella looked ahead to Microsoft's future direction, believing that the utility of Hyperscale computing will be ubiquitous and will be the new formula for economic growth. He also mentioned competition among companies, especially in the cloud computing field, and believes that there is enough room in this field for multiple winners.


Nadella's interview provides us with a window into understanding the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI, and also shows how AI technology affects Microsoft's corporate culture and product strategy. Through this interview, we can see how Microsoft is actively embracing AI and its ambitions in future technological development.