In the tech industry, Musk's name is always associated with innovation and breakthroughs. Recently, it has been reported that Musk's artificial intelligence company, xAI, is about to complete a round of financing, with a valuation expected to exceed $24 billion. This not only indicates the immense potential of xAI but also signals that a new era in the field of artificial intelligence is about to begin.

The Rise of xAI

According to Bloomberg, xAI plans to complete a round of financing in June, and the valuation after the financing may exceed $24 billion. This figure not only reflects the market's confidence in xAI but also mirrors the booming development of the artificial intelligence industry.

Financing Process

xAI was originally scheduled to complete a financing round of about $6 billion earlier this month. However, as the transaction has not yet been finalized, the company has recently been seeking up to $6.5 billion in funds and plans to get closer to this goal within the next few weeks.

Product Innovation

xAI was established in July 2023 and launched its first product, the Grok chatbot, in November last year. Recently, xAI demonstrated the Grok-1.5 Vision multimodal model, which can not only process text but also handle images, documents, and table content, showcasing xAI's innovative capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The new round of financing will help xAI gain more AI computing resources to compete with models from competitors such as OpenAI and Anthropic. Musk stated that the next generation of xAI's Grok model is being trained on 20,000 Nvidia H100s, and the demand for AI GPUs for the future Grok 3 will increase to 100,000.

Technological Breakthroughs

This technological breakthrough will not only drive the development of xAI but also have a profound impact on the entire artificial intelligence industry. With the increase in computing resources, AI models will become more powerful, capable of handling more complex tasks, and bringing more convenience to human society.

Industry Competition

The rise of xAI also indicates that competition in the artificial intelligence industry will become more intense. With more capital infusion, companies will increase their R&D investment, driving continuous progress in artificial intelligence technology.


The valuation of Musk's xAI company exceeding $24 billion is not only a recognition of xAI but also an affirmation of the entire artificial intelligence industry. With the completion of the new round of financing, we have reason to believe that a new era of artificial intelligence is about to begin, bringing more possibilities to human society. Let's look forward to and embrace this innovative and opportunity-filled new era.