With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, OpenAI, as a leader in the industry, has attracted the high attention of U.S. antitrust authorities due to its cooperation with media companies. Jonathan Kanter, the highest antitrust official of the U.S. Department of Justice, recently stated that he is closely monitoring transactions between AI companies such as OpenAI and content creators, which may involve monopolistic practices.

OpenAI has signed cooperation agreements with several media companies to provide training materials for its artificial intelligence systems. These media include Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, the Financial Times of the UK, Dotdash Meredith, and others. In addition, there are Reddit Inc., the Associated Press, Axel Springer, and Le Monde of France, among others.

Antitrust Authorities' Concerns

The Department of Justice is concerned about these transactions mainly because they may enable companies like OpenAI to form a monopoly position in the market. Kanter emphasized that even though companies have reached transactions, it does not mean that they can exercise monopoly power. He mentioned that AI companies need to provide adequate compensation for the works of creators to prevent the collapse of other industries.

Copyright owners criticize AI companies for not providing adequate compensation when using their works or for using them in ways that do not meet their wishes. For example, The New York Times recently sued OpenAI for using its copyrighted materials.


The antitrust investigation and copyright disputes faced by OpenAI reflect that while the field of artificial intelligence is rapidly developing, it also faces legal and ethical challenges. How to find a balance between protecting the rights and interests of creators and promoting technological progress will be an important issue that the future AI industry needs to address.

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