In the digital age, the survival and development of news media are facing unprecedented challenges. Recently, the US "News/Media Alliance" sent an urgent letter to the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice, calling for an investigation into Google's monopolistic practices in the news sector. This event has attracted widespread attention and discussion, and this article will delve into Google's "AI Overviews" feature and its potential impact on the news industry.

Google's "AI Overviews" Feature

At this year's I/O developer conference, Google introduced a new feature called "AI Overviews." This feature allows users to conduct AI searches through questioning and chatting, aiming to provide more comprehensive and in-depth search results. Google claims that this is one of the biggest updates to its search engine in 25 years.

Concerns of the News Media Alliance

However, the "News/Media Alliance" has expressed concerns. They believe that Google's feature uses publishers' content without permission to provide comprehensive responses to user queries, which may not only cause content creators to lose important traffic but also undermine the basic integrity of digital news dissemination.

Allegations of Monopolistic Practices

The "News/Media Alliance" points out that by leveraging publishers' proprietary materials, Google may not only weaken the economic viability of news publishers but also reduce the quality of information users receive. The Alliance's President and CEO, Daniel Coughlin, warned that Google's "unbridled expansion" will have dire consequences and emphasized the threat Google's encroachment poses to the survival of publishers.

Impact on User Information Acquisition

Coughlin further pointed out that 90% of users have never ventured beyond Google's search result pages. This means that Google's monopolistic practices not only affect the survival of news media but may also limit users' opportunities to access a broader range of information.

Call for Regulatory Intervention

In light of this, the "News/Media Alliance" emphasizes the urgent need for regulatory intervention to prevent Google's monopolistic practices and maintain the vitality of the news ecosystem. They believe that the involvement of regulatory authorities is crucial for protecting the healthy development of the news industry.


In the digital age, challenges and opportunities coexist for news media. While Google's "AI Overviews" feature brings convenience to users, its potential monopolistic practices have raised industry concerns. How to find a balance between protecting innovation and maintaining fair competition will be a problem that regulatory authorities and the entire industry need to face together. Let us look forward to the birth of a healthier, more diverse, and vibrant news ecosystem.